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Programming and content have come a long way since the black and white era. ;)

Content Production, Simplified

Specializing in content management and production for small organizations, Mobile Atom Code works with you to simplify the creation and maintenance of your online content.

Your organization needs increasingly complex content for your site, blog, social media, email communications, newsletters, webinars, video channels, podcasts, apps, and more.

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Small organizations struggle to keep up with the ever-changing channels, requirements, strategies, and technical details of content production, much less produce compelling content.

Taking your content marketing strategy and content, or those provided by Mobile Atom Media, Mobile Atom Code designs and produces digital media. They include sites, email templates, visuals, videos, and apps for use in your content marketing.

Content Production Services

  • content production
  • content editing
  • content optimization
  • WordPress website design
  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress implementation
  • Drupal website design
  • Drupal themes
  • Drupal implementation
  • video production
  • graphics
  • front-end web development

Content Management Services

  • hosting management
  • site installation and setup
  • site optimization
  • site maintenance
  • search optimization
  • code customization

CMS Specialist

We work with both WordPress and Drupal content management systems. The former tends to be a better solution for smaller organizations and the latter for enterprise projects.

We recommend building WordPress sites with custom themes or child themes of the Genesis Framework. These themes provide sites that are fast, secure, accessible, and compliant.

When hosted and professionally set up with recommended hosts like Siteground, WP Engine, Kinsta, or WordPress.com Pro you get an optimal WordPress Installation.

With Drupal installations, we recommend custom themes begun with a starter kit or the default Olivero theme.

For hosting, we recommend Platform.sh or Acquia for enterprise sites. A2 Hosting works well for small sites.

After creation, we can host, implement, maintain, update, and continually optimize your CMS site.

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Time is money, and with Mobile Atom Code, you get to keep more of both.

Simplify your Content Management

Mobile Atom Code has the experience and flexibility to handle your online content as a turn-key solution. Because of our experience and size, we do so faster and more efficiently than our competition.

Contact us today for hassle-free and simplified online content!

Simplify your Content Management today!

Reuben Walker

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Reuben is Ringmaster of Mobile Atom Media and its division Mobile Atom Code.

An ABJ graduate of the University of Georgia and MA graduate of Georgia State University, he lives in Orlando, FL, with his wife and English Labrador. He received his full-stack certification from the University of Central Florida.

For great curated and original content on entrepreneurship, content, design, and code, follow him on Mastodon or LinkedIn. Or join the 50,249+ followers of his Flipboard Magazines.